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Ed, Edd, n Eddy by danielly Ed, Edd, n Eddy :icondanielly:danielly 4,634 1,171 ItaSaku - doujinshi - page 1 by Lairam ItaSaku - doujinshi - page 1 :iconlairam:Lairam 875 121 The Whole World Blind Pg 39 by rhymeswithmonth The Whole World Blind Pg 39 :iconrhymeswithmonth:rhymeswithmonth 29 4 SasuNaru doujin chap. 5 cover by boyxboylove SasuNaru doujin chap. 5 cover :iconboyxboylove:boyxboylove 83 9
Mature content
Happy birthday, Iruka- sensei :iconearwenmcr:EarwenMCR 102 191
The Devil- Chapter 1- yaoi
WARNING: contains yaoi (boyxboy) in later chapters and a little in this one xD Don't like yaoi? THEN DON'T READ IT, DAMMIT!!! xDDDD
The Devil- Chapter 1
   “And, WE! ARE! HERE!” Konan yelled jumping out of the limo.
   “Wow, un, it’s so BIG,”
   “Holy fuck, Dei’s fucking right,”
   “Don’t curse so much, Hidan, my god, but yeah, it’s big, isn’t it?” (Kakuzu)
   “Ch, it’s not big at all!” Itachi said, pulling everyone’s bags out of the trunk. “Jeez, Dei, got enough bags?”
   The blonde blushed. “I-I had to bring everything, didn’t I, un?” he said, his finger to his lip. Itachi almost drooled.
   “C’mon, Itachi, stop taking so fucking long! I wanna see our rooms!&
:iconnice-pants-dude:Nice-Pants-Dude 40 58
East district
WARNING: will be shounen-ai/yaoi in later chapters
"Deidara! Get your ass up! What's the point of even having a scholarship if you never go to college?!"
"Nn, Sasori-danna, 5 more minutes, un." The blond grumbled, nestling into his pillow.
"You said that 20 minutes ago, now up, brat!" The red head shouted.
"Fine, un. I'm up." Deidara sighed. He sat up and ruffled his hair, getting rid of any unwanted knots or tangles.
"If you don't get dressed in 3 minutes I'm going to shove your ass out the door in your boxers or whatever you're wearing at that moment!" Sasori yelled.
Deidara yawned and swung his legs out of bed.
"I'm up, I'm up, un." Deidara yawned.
"Is that what you're wearing to school!?" Sasori demanded as he looked at Deidara's knee high pants and crop top that showed off his toned stomach.
"Who said I was going to school, un!?" Deidara laughed as he headed for
:iconsukotokorimake:SukotoKorimake 30 8
Dei's Way Around Life ch. 3
WARNING: contains shounen-ai/yaoi, that means there is so much hotness and man love here you're going to die of imagining it!! >.
:iconsukotokorimake:SukotoKorimake 32 76
Mature content
Fer Sure--slight sequel :iconsukotokorimake:SukotoKorimake 38 33
YGO Doujinshi: X-mastree1 by Moondogla YGO Doujinshi: X-mastree1 :iconmoondogla:Moondogla 135 8 Ameth - Page 1 by Medowsweet Ameth - Page 1 :iconmedowsweet:Medowsweet 105 27 itadei_cooking_03_commission by karu-suna itadei_cooking_03_commission :iconkaru-suna:karu-suna 56 54
Dei's Way Around Life part 1
damn my creative mind, I just thought of this and wrote it down -_- WARNING: will be yaoi/shounen-ai in later chapters,
Deidara ran down the street. It was empty and dark. Much past midnight by now.
He was only 11 years old. But he was wise enough to know he had chose the right decision in running away from his father.
Tears ran freely down Deidara's face as he ran. He tripped and fell in the gutter.
He put a hand up to shield any mud from getting in his bloody eye. His father had stabbed his eye out with a pocket knife.
Deidara heard footsteps and attemted to stand.
He saw a tall fingure standing over him and he tried to say something.
"P-please, un." He whimpered. "D-don't hurt me, yeah."
The figure leaned over and put a hand to his bloody forehead.
"D-d-don't, un!" Deidara cried out. He was expecting to be beaten, smacked, tortured. Like his father had done.
But all he felt was that warm hand on his forehead.
"You have a fever
:iconsukotokorimake:SukotoKorimake 51 40
Mature content
ItaDei: 'What I want' :iconsukotokorimake:SukotoKorimake 66 52
ItaDei ch4:Sasori's decorater
WARNING: contains yaoi (guyxguy)
Deidara sighed. He ran a finger through his long, blond hair. Things were rough. He had been in the Akatsuki almost a month and it already looked like people were out just to make his life miserable.
First of all; Itachi. He just plain, right out hated Deidara it seemed.
Second; Sasori. The puppet master seemed intent on teaching the blond manners and yet rarely showed any signs of them himself.
Third; Hidan. He had become quite a bit braver and often pinned Deidara to walls or such.
Fourth; Deidara had met a Tobi boy who lived with the Akatsuki, yet not a member, and the boy had immediately taken to Deidara and started calling him "Sempai".
Oh great, here was the nuisance himself.
"What, un?" Deidara growled. With all the harassing he got, he felt it only polite to return the mood.
"Wanna go on a walk with me, Sempai?"
"No, un." Deidara said through gritted teeth.
"Sempai, what's the difference between girls and boys?"
Well THAT ques
:iconsukotokorimake:SukotoKorimake 48 57
ItaDei ch. 3: Deidara's Danna
WARNING: contains yaoi! (guyxguy)
Sasori played with his beloved puppet. He admired how it's delicate woodwork could be damaged so easily and yet stand against almost anything.
There was a knock on the door.
Sasori disconnected the aquamarine chakra strings that he was controlling the puppet with and placed the puppet on his bed.
"Come in." He growled.
Itachi opened the door.
"What do you want?" Sasori demanded and scowled at Itachi.
"Meet you new partner." Itachi said gruffly and pushed Deidara in front of Sasori. With this done he went out the door and slammed it shut.
Sasori looked at the nervous looking blond.
"Well, come here! I don't bite." Sasori laughed. "much." He added. He patted the placed beside him on the bed.
Deidara sat down next to Sasori and looked away.
"Look at me." Sasori said and pouted.
Deidara turned to look at him, staring him in his cold, maroon eyes.
"Tell me about yourself." Sasori ordered.
"My name is Deidara, un. And if you haven't noticed already I'm a man
:iconsukotokorimake:SukotoKorimake 49 71




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